Hello Everyone,

This is Berk Omuz, an Electronics Engineer with MSc. In this page I prefer to talk about what I wanna do about this website instead of giving a short summary ย of my resume. Those who are interested can find it online easily ๐Ÿ™‚ In this site, I would be mainly talking about RF, Microwave, Electronics Circuitry and Radar Systems. This site would both include some theoritical work and surveys as well as some hardware implementations, PCB fabrications and some super cool test stuff .

I’m quite experienced with circuit design, RF system design, wireless communication systems at both chip-level and PCB-level. I’m looking forward to improve my skills further on those topics.

The design tools I’ve in my arsenal are Cadence, Synopsys, EAGLE, AWR Microwave Office, AWR VSS.

I do also have a lot RF measurement experience thanks to the many, many cool stuff in our lab. Such as, a 40GHz VNA, handheld VNA up to 6 GHz, 26.5GHz Real-time Spectrum Analyzer, 10GSa/sec scope etc.

Thou, I’m not very interested in software, we might as well have some embedded projects or Arduino or Rasberry Pi or LattePanda related stuff going on in our lab, which I may mention ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve some old FPGA, SPARTAN 3E, STM32F429l, Raspberry Pi 3 to work with and will try to involve them in my projects.

To sum it up, I’m an Electronics Engineer who loves his field of study, and while I’m researching deeper into this topic, I’ll try to keep you guys updated!